UK Passed controversial Rwanda bill for Asylum Seekers 2024

The United Kingdom is trying its best to cut off the immigration strictly through lots of laws. Recently the government has passed controversial Rwanda bill for asylum seekers. Most of the people came from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Eritrea, Yemen, Sudan and other countries seeking for asylum.

More than forty six hundred people alone entered in the UK in 2024. Several people have entered to the UK illegally through English channel in boats. Lots of people has lost their lives while crossing this channel. The UK cannot afford to provide citizenship to all of them as other people may enter UK through same process and claim asylum. That’s why they want to send people to third country for processing their asylum claim.

rwanda bill passes in uk asylum to send out

What is Rwanda Bill?

Boris Johnson introduced Rwanda bill in parliament to stop people entering to the UK through English channel. The people who came illegally to the UK to seek asylum has option either to return to their own country or else they will be transferred to the country named Rwanda to live. The UK did 5-years agreement on 2022 with Rwanda to send asylum seeker for resettlement and in return UK will provide £120 million. When the first flight was prepared to take off to the destination, the human rights group opposed that the asylum seeker cannot be sent to unsafe area forcefully.

Later, Rishi Sunak introduced Illegal Migrants Act 2023 to overcome the problem of faced before because there was no law before. Britain’s Supreme Court had previously stated that the policy was unlawful. Rwanda was declared safe by the government bypassing the court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Rwanda bill passed?

Rwanda bill to send asylum seekers from the UK was passed on April 22, 2024.

How much cost is estimated for this plan?

According to BBC news, £240m is paid till 2023 and estimated of £370m is to be spend till 5-year plan.

Mostly, which country people are seeking asylum in the UK?

Afghanistan, Syria and Iran people are mostly seeking asylum in the UK.


The UK has provide settlements for thousands of people in past years fleeing from their countries due to various reasons like civil war, humanitarian crisis, religious conflict, gender-based violence, etc. The regular incoming of people specially through the English channel in small boats are putting burden to the UK government. People who are not actually the victims of any conflicts or violence are also entering to seek the asylum who is making situation worse.

Rwanda bill is introduced by the UK government to encounter this situation by minimizing the incoming of illegal migrants. While considering the step, the humanitarian aids needs to be improved in the third countries also to improve the situation of people who are forced to leave their own country. This will lessen the burden to the countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada and more people who are in need can be accommodated in safe and sound environment.

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