All BRP Expiring 2024 December 31: Exciting New e-visa Rules

As we are going to approach the end of 2024, we find many people discussing about their BRP expiring 2024 December 31. The visa you hold may be longer then that date but everyone’s BRP may be showing the same date because there is going to be a change on which we will be highlighting and see the updates that has been verified till now.

After reading this article you will understand the steps that government is going to take. Let’s jump on to the topics from beginning.

What is BRP?

BRP Expiring 2024 December 31

The acronym BRP stands for Biometric Residence Permit, a document that is granted by UKVI (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration) to non-EEA nationals who meet the requirements to enter the country and remain for a duration beyond six months. A person’s right to live, work, or study in the UK is supported by their BRP. The biographical facts, picture, and biometric information (fingerprints, face image, etc.) of the individual are all contained in the BRP.

When was BRP introduced?

If we go to past history, BRP system was brought by UK Borders Act 2007. It is responsible body of government which has to establish legal framework related to the immigration paper works. It came in implication by replacing the old paper-based immigration paperwork from 2008.

The main reason to implement BRP system was to improve the security measures, prevention of identity theft and provide a more safe form of identity system for non-European Economic Area people staying in the UK for long term stay.

Since that time BRP is standard document for people having permission to live, work or study in the UK for longer than six month. But as we discussed, all BRP Expiring 2024 December 31, there is going to be new transition which is covered on below heading.

What to do if you lost BRP or it is damaged?

If your BRP is broken or lost, you have to notify it to UKVI and get a new one so you can keep documentation of your immigration status. Please consider it as immediate task because you will be required to return your old BRP to them when you have to take the renewed one.

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All BRP Expiring 2024 December 31. What are changes on after 01 January 2025?

As the development of technology, every systems need improvements whereas over the years some systems needs complete transition to maintain the efficiency. Paper-based system to BRP and now e-visa are the same phenomenon of immigration system in the UK.

The latest e-visa system will be better version of the system which simplify the process providing easy access and transparency to the government as well as end user. With the BRP Expiring 2024 December 31, government plan to improve the e-visa system to meet the changing demands of BRP holders.

What are the key highlights of new e-visas?

We have tried to cover the key highlights of new e-visas that are going to be implemented starting January 01, 2025:

BRP are being replaced by evisa
  1. Online Renewable Process: The new e-visa system will allow the person to renew their visa without paper works or an in-person visits. You can easily do tasks such as renew, submit additional documents check your application status in real time. You can do it through user-friendly official sites.
  2. Increased Security Protocols: The new version of this system is much more secure than the past one. With the help of the latest technology security will boost up the protocol and prevent from activities to produce the information in a wrong way.
  3. Quick Processing Times: Under the new e-visa laws, waiting times to process applications have been accelerated, as have the times taken to renew permits for those holding BRPs (Biometric Residence Permits) under the new schedules, so that migration authorities can finally provide a pathway for them to get back into the UK and extend their permitted stay. This will, in the long run, result in migration authorities aiming to reduce administrative bottlenecks and increase general processing efficiencies for visas by making use of automated structures and digital processes.
  4. Adaptability in the Record: It was more adaptable to the realities of the diverse and multifarious histories and circumstances of BRP holders that the flexibilization of the e-visa regime allowed for the acceptance of a broader range of documentary evidence. Candidates were free to submit more types of documentary evidence including electronic versions of credentials, bank statements and job records.


As we have briefly discussed above, you might now understand that a new e-visa system is replacing the BRP expiring 2024 December 31. Increased security protocols, online and quick renewal processing are the benefits of this transitions which will optimized and modernized the immigration system in UK. You have to worry for nothing as all the updates regarding this changes will be available in the official website.

The new system will not affects on your immigration status and you may reside in the country as per your validate visa. If you want to hear updates from us, then keep on following us as we will update any new information on our website.

If you want to get information about any new rules and regulations in the UK, please leave message in the comment section below. We will prioritize the topic you would like to hear from us. Sharing the things you know to people who are needy is crucial. Share this article to those who are still confused about BRP expiring 2024 December 31.

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