How To Apply For Child Benefit In UK 2024: Comprehensive Guide

If you are living or planning to come to the United Kingdom and have children, there might be a big challenge for you to raise them in an expensive environment which directly affects you financially and emotionally. The UK government has a program called Child Benefit in UK which helps you to minimize your problem. Many immigrants have no idea even if they are staying here for a long time until they are told by someone. We aim to provide complete guidance on child benefits in the UK from eligibility criteria to the process of application and many more topics.

Child Benefit in UK

1. What is Child Benefit in UK?

Child Benefit is a program of the UK government which aims to help parents to raise their children in a better way by providing a tax-free payment. The main reason to launch a child benefit program is to assist with various expenses such as education, healthcare, and other expenses of the child.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for Child Benefit in UK?

Certain criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible for Child Benefit in UK. You must be responsible for a child who is under 16, or 20 if in authorized education or training, remains with you in the UK, and is not under immigration control.

There are some criteria that affects the eligibility for child benefit. If you or your partner responsible for the child has income that is higher than 50,000 pounds a year then you may be opt out of the program. This threshold may changes according to the time, so it is advised to check the official website of UK government for verification.

3. How can I Apply for child benefit in UK?

There is a simple process to apply for child benefit in UK. You can either apply online through the official website of government or complete the paper work and forward it by the post. You can click here and start your application.

  • You can then select ‘Start Now’ under the section ‘Make a claim online’.
  • Select the type of service type and click ‘Continue’
  • You will see the sign in page, click ‘Yes’ and continue (By signing you can save the progress of application and apply later, receive messages of updates, and you can complete the process faster)
  • Sign in with your Government Gateway user ID and password. if you don’t have one, you can create it from there. Enter your email address for verification where you will receive the code. Enter your Full name and password and you will receive your government gateway user ID immediately.
  • You can now continue the application with requested details on screen and submit it.

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4. What documents should I keep ready while applying it?

If you are applying for child benefit in UK, you have to keep ready some of documents which are described below:

  • Birth Certificate of Child: You will be required to provide the child’s birth certificate for whom you are claiming the benefit.
  • National Insurance Number: You will be required to provide the national insurance number of you and your partner
  • (if applicable).
  • Bank Details: You will be required to provide your bank details where you wish the payment can be deposited.
  • Proof of Identification: You will be required to provide yours and child’s identity proof which may include citizenship card, passport, driving license or any other approved official documents.
  • Proof of Address: You will be required to provide the valid and current address which may include utility bills, bank statement or council tax bill.

5. How much amount of benefit can I receive from this scheme?

The amount you will receive depends upon the numbers of children you have and you have applied for. The payment for your first child will be £24 per week followed by £15.90 for rest of the children.

6. How often can child benefit payments be received in the UK?

The payment for child benefit are typically received every 4 weeks (28 days).

7. How frequently does the scheme changes and how can I get updates?

This scheme, likewise others, changes on the beginning of some of the financial years but there is no guarantee that it will increase every year. If we see on past history, a gap up to 4 years was also seen for increment of the benefit amount. You can always get updates from official website of UK government about the changes.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still receive the child benefit if I don’t stay in UK? – You must stay in UK to claim child benefit unless you are member of certain sectors including but not limited to armed force, crown servants and so on.

What can I do if my circumstances changes after receiving the child benefit? = You have to inform child benefit office if your circumstance changes as soon as possible such as the training or education of child is terminated to ensure that you will receive the actual payment.

Can I claim for child benefit if I am not parent of child? – If you are responsible person for child, such as grandparents, relatives or guardian, you can still claim for child benefit. This scheme is not only for the father or mother as the money received is intended to rear the child under responsible person.

How long can I backdate the child benefit claim? – You can typically backdate 3 months for your child benefit claim as long as you have a reasonable issue for not claiming the scheme earlier.

What happens to the payment I used to receive if the child I was responsible for is adopted or sent to local authority care? – The payment will be stopped as you are no longer responsible for the child.

My child is disabled. What does government do for it? – If your child is disabled, you can receive additional support through the schemes Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) along with Child Benefit in UK.


We have tried our best to cover all the topics related to the child benefit in UK.

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