How do I convert my student visa to PSW in UK 2024? Unlocking Exciting Opportunities


The Graduate Visa, also known as the PSW (post-study work) visa, allows foreign students to remain in the UK for a predetermined period of time following the completion of their academic program. The program aims to provide graduates with two opportunities: one is to launch their own business and acquire practical experience related to their field of study by entering the UK workforce.

Student visa to PSW in UK 2024

PSW Visa UK 2024

One of the common causes of confusion for all students who are already in the UK or coming here soon is about the PSW that they are going to take in 2024. There are several updates from the government that they will overview in PSW to limit immigration. To be clear, however, the anticipated new guidelines do not apply to students who are currently in the UK.

Eligibility for applying PSW

In order to apply for a graduate visa, you must be able to fulfill a number of requirements; if not, your application may be denied, which could result in deportation. The applicant must complete the degree from a recognized institute, which includes an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, or doctoral program in the UK. At the time of application, applicants must either have a valid Tier 4 (General) student visa or have been given permission to remain in the UK as students under another immigration category.

Following their academic completion, applicants must submit an application for the Graduate Route within a certain amount of time. It is imperative to comply with the dates established by the UK government, as the application window may differ.

Cost for Application

There are two headings under which you are going to make payment for the application. The application fee is £822, and the health surcharge per year is £624. It means if you have completed the bachelor’s or master’s degree, you have to pay £1248 for a 2-year visa, and if you have completed the PhD, you have to pay £1872 for a 3-year visa.

The application fee is subject to change, which you may find out when you fill out the application.

How do I apply for PSW?

Please follow the step-by-step process discussed below, which will help you with the application of the PSW in an easy way.

First and foremost, gather the appropriate papers, as previously indicated, such as a degree certificate, evidence of identity such as a BRP, and a passport.

Online Application
Simply follow the link and provide the required information for completing your visa process.

  1. Go to the official website,
  2. Click on Start button
  3. Select the place you want to Stay from list
  4. Select the passport type you hold
  5. Select whether you have BRP or not.
  6. Select whether the name on BRP is exactly matched on passport or not
  7. Click Continue (Your phone’s screen will indicate if you have an Android smartphone with NFC technology for utilizing apps or an iPhone 7 or later model.)
  8. Create and Sign in to your UKVI account
  9. You can see the start date and application number on the screen, and you can select continue.
  10. You can see four sections: identity and contact, prepare an application, pay and submit an application, and provide evidence. Fill in all the details, and its done.

You will then receive an email mentioning that you have completed the application process, and they will contact you with a decision. Once the decision is successful, you will receive a new BRP. Make sure to cut your old BRP and send it back to the UKVI; otherwise, you will be fined one thousand pounds.

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Application Processing Time

The graduate visa application processing time may differ for individuals, ranging from 2 to 3 weeks.

Duration of PSW

Under the Graduate Route, students may remain in the UK for up to two years (three years for doctorate graduates) and work or look for jobs. It’s crucial to remember that these timelines might alter, and the UK government might adjust the precise requirements and time frame. For the most up-to-date and correct information on the length of the Graduate Route, it is imperative that you visit the UK Home Office’s official website or speak with the UK Visas and Immigration department. Government choices may have an impact on immigration laws and visa expiration dates, which may also be periodically reviewed and updated.

Throughout their stay in the UK, individuals were required to adhere to the terms and limitations outlined in their student visa. This includes upholding other visa criteria, attendance standards, and lawful immigration status. The Graduate Route does not require applicants to have a job offer in order to apply, in contrast to certain other work visas. Graduates are free to look for work in any profession in the UK. It can be necessary for applicants to provide proof that they have enough money to maintain themselves while they are in the UK. Dependents may be eligible for several types of visas, depending on immigration regulations. The Graduate Route is mostly intended for recent graduates.

Reasons for Rejection of PSW

PSW visas can be denied for a variety of reasons. Be mindful of your working hours—to keep your visa from being denied, you can only work a maximum of 20 hours per term. Throughout your vacation, you are allowed to work full-time. Another factor that leads to the denial of your visa is inadequate attendance. Make sure you finish your dissertation and all of your coursework, because failing to do so will prevent you from applying for a graduate visa. Another major factor in visa rejection and deportation is criminal records. That’s why you should always follow the rules and regulations.

Settlement Route

The graduate route is just a temporary permit to stay in the UK, and if you are planning to stay longer, then you need to obtain a skilled worker visa, which is the topic for our next discussion.

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