Latest updates on Skilled Worker Visa UK: April 4, 2024

In the world of immigration, we need to know the latest updates on the UK skilled worker visa from April 4, 2024. This program has undergone significant changes affecting eligibility, processing time, salary thresholds, sponsorship requirements and more. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of these updates as well as their implications for applicants and employers, so stay following to stay updated in the future.

Skilled Worker Visa UK updates from April 4, 2024

Latest updates on Skilled Worker Visa UK- April 04, 2024

Overview of Skilled Worker Visa in UK

This presented visa program is actually known as Tier 2 (General) or skilled worker visa. This program allows people from outside Switzerland and the EEA to come to the UK in order to work under an approved employer for a specific job. Job applicants must obtain job offers from approved UK employers who possess valid sponsor licenses, meet wage and skill criteria, pass an English language examination, and show proof of funds to cover living expenses while participating in the program.

Helping to contribute to the national labour market and economy, this course is advantageous for staff, employers and governments. This visa is typically for 5 years, which can be further extended. People with Tier 4 (student visa or PSW visa) can also convert to this type of visa to extend their stay and work in the UK. This visa system is undergoing upgrades that replace the previous applicable criteria.

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Major Modifications to the Skilled Worker Visa UK April 4, 2024 Update

From April 4, 2024, the UK government has made significant changes in immigration rules which will be applicable for the companies sponsoring their employer through skilled worker visa route. The most important changes we can see is rising in salary threshold from £26,200 to £38,700 per annum. In case of Health & Care workers and who already applied skilled worker visa before the mentioned date, the salary thresholds remains £29,000 per annum.

Reasons for Revision on Rules

There are several reasons for revising the rules which includes but not limited to reduce the net migration rate, bring highly skilled people in UK, improve the living standard of people with higher salaries.

Impact of Changes

This changes will directly affect those companies who are dependent to the foreign skilled workers to operate their tasks. Dramatic changes on salaries will put extra burden to the companies which will make the products or services more expensive for end consumers as well. This seems to even hamper on the skilled people shifting to third countries as the companies in UK may not be able to accommodate all of them.


The wages are increased every year to beat the inflation rate in UK, and sometimes the government make significant changes to the rules and regulations for resolving the existing problems. Changes to skilled worker visa is one of them to cut down the net migration and stablish the better work standard for highly skilled people. The changes will bring both positive and negative impacts but in long run it will improve in the migration status for the country.

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